EXTREME Fire Stations (EFS) has its roots in Canada’s natural resource sector through a sister company, EXTREME Portable Buildings (EPB).

Engineers and skilled tradespeople working in remote and often harsh locations needed a portable facility that was rugged enough to withstand the extreme environment, while providing them with the security and functionality of an industrial size, site-built building.

The EXTREME Portable Building was developed as a unique product for their needs. Coincidentally, a solution to the shortage of fire and emergency facilities on the same sites emerged.

Why EXTREME Fire Stations?

The EXTREME Portable Building (EPB), originally developed for use as relocatable industrial buildings also served as industrial fire / emergency stations. First responders, crossing over from industrial to municipal fire departments brought the idea home with them.

After a further introduction at fire station design conferences the application is being embraced by fire professionals across the country.

Here’s why:

  • Recent research has revealed that many fire stations throughout the US and Canada are inadequate and over 40 years of age.
  • Many more are operating with outdated equipment.
  • Add the cost of building new stations to service growth and you have the makings of a perfect taxpayer storm.

It’s a critical service industry under pressure…

The EXTREME Fire Station can be a significant and economical part of the solution.

What is an EXTREME Fire Station?

EXTREME Fire Stations (EFS) are third generation EXTREME Portable Buildings (EPB).

This is how the base components are built

Next, the components or bays are configured into floor plans according to the most current operational standards.

Then, they’re outfitted with the most up to date equipment.

Finally, they’re finished with community friendly architectural details.

Our heavy haul trucks deliver them to your site where we assemble and commission them in a matter of days.

Our Team

Patrick Veer

VP Sales

Patrick is responsible for sales, marketing and general management activities. He has over 30 years of experience in a variety of international industry sectors including construction, energy, building materials, and software.

When he’s not consulting directly with customers on new stations, he’s participating in industry conferences and promotional events across the country.

Wayne Schnitzler

Industry Specialist

Wayne is a widely respected 35 year veteran of the emergency services industry. He has served as a city fire chief and an emergency services and planning consultant to First Nations. He is in great demand as a facilitator, trainer and speaker in the industry. He has also organized and assumed command of large scale wildfire emergencies.

He assists EFS with insights into leading edge station design, liaison with fire departments, conferences and industry associations.

Guillaume Allen, MEng.

Lead Engineer

Guillaume is responsible for managing day-to-day operational performance and for ensuring the design and quality of the companies manufactured products.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Sherbrook.

Guillaume has over 15 years of diverse industry experience leading successful teams across a broad range of applications. He is also credited with many EFS design and manufacturing innovations.