Do EXTREME Fire Stations meet local building codes?

Yes, EPB engineers oversee all aspects of the design including reviews of local and state building and fire codes.

What type of foundation do I need for an EXTREME Station?

EXTREME Fire Stations are designed to sit directly on any flat stable ground. Structural foundations are not required. The average weight on the ground that supports the four main beams is +/- 450 lbs/ lineal foot+ the weight of apparatus in the bay. We do recommend that the site be graded and graveled. Also allow for gravel, paved or concrete drive ramps and walkways.

Are EXTREME Fire Stations heated?

Yes, all units include full HVAC systems, wiring, lighting and insulation unless noted otherwise.

Can I customize the exterior architecture of my EXTREME Fire Station?

Yes, a wide variety of exterior colors and finishes are available to suit most neighborhoods. Ask your EPB representative for details.

How long does it take to get an EFS?

Production time averages 8 weeks per bay so a station requiring 2 bays can be built in +/- 4 months.

Can I repurpose my EFS?

Yes, the EFS structures can be reconfigured for uses other than the original application. For example, an apparatus bay is easily reconfigured for use a public works garage or mechanics bay.

How long does it take to install an EFS?

We allow +/-1 day per bay for installation and commissioning.

What is the general philosophy behind EFS?

We believe that EXTREME Fire & Ambulance Stations can change the way important pieces of infrastructure are built and delivered. We also believe that EXTREME Stations allow communities to reduce response times by providing them in a dramatically shorter period of time at a substantially lower cost. It can often mean the difference between a community getting timely emergency protection or not. This is especially applicable in remote, northern and indigenous communities. EXTREME Stations can also provide the solution of where to temporarily locate facilities during new site built station construction. With purchase and flexible lease options EXTREME Stations can be relocated, rented, sold or returned when the new building is ready for occupancy.

What is the estimated life span of an EXTREME Fire Station?

EXTREME Stations have very few parts that can wear out. Conservatively, we estimate a 50-year life span.

Can I sell my EXTREME Fire Station?

Yes, there is a strong market for preowned units. EPB would be pleased to assist in this effort.

Do I need a building permit or other permits for an EXTREME Fire Station?

Permits will depend on the location and the code jurisdiction. The requirements need to be reviewed during the design phase. EPB will assist in this process.

Can I run my EXTREME Fire Station on a portable generator?

Yes, On request, EPB can supply a built-in alternate power transfer switch.

Are EXTREME Fire Stations built using old shipping containers?

No, EXTREME Stations are scratch built from the highest quality new materials.

What are the design fees for an EFS?

Design fees for an EFS are included in the quoted price. We employ designers and industry specialists.

Is an EFS environmentally friendly?

Yes. An EFS can be moved and reused or repurposed in another location. They leave virtually no foot print.

How do I prepare / finish the site for my EFS?

We recommend that the soil conditions be tested and compacted if necessary. The site should be graded and gravelled for best performance. If not available, utilities (water, power and sewer) will need to be brought to site and made ready for connection to the EFS. A local electrician and plumber will be required for hook ups.
Also allow for gravel, paved or concrete drive ramps and walkways. Landscaping should also be considered. EFS industry specialists are available to assist in site analysis.

Where are EFS built?

Our company is located in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada. We service Canadian and US markets from this location.

Does EXTREME Fire Stations deliver and install my fire station?

Yes, unless you request otherwise, EXTREME Stations are quoted as a “turnkey installation”. You will need to arrange for utilities to be brought to the site and for a local electrician/plumber to make final connections.

Can I add or remove a bay if my needs change?

Yes, you can easily add bays or remove and relocate them. EPB is ready to provide assistance in future moves.

What is the budget cost for an EXTREME Fire station?

We use an estimated installed cost of 300k-400k (USD) per bay for a stand-alone station building. 500k-600k per bay for fully-equipped stations including appliances, furniture, gear racks, gear wash & dry, exhaust extraction, etc. Prices will vary with delivery location and options. Project-specific quotes are available on request.

Can I use an EFS to add on to my site built station?

Yes, an EFS bay can be located next to an existing station and connected if necessary.

Can I customize my EFS?

Yes, most EFS stations are customized to some extent. Our designers can accommodate almost any request. Fire industry specialists are also available for consultation.

Can I use my EFS as a decon facility?

Yes. Decontamination facilities can built into station designs or an EFS can be used as a dedicated, stand alone decon facility. For major incidents, EFS are being considered for portable decon facilities located on the incident site.

Where can I see an EFS?

We would be delighted to arrange a tour.

Please call 403-257-8492.

How do I arrange meeting with an EFS representative?

EFS technical representatives are available to provide information sessions to fire departments and community officials on request.

Please call 403-257-8492.

Can I lease an EXTREME Fire Station?

Yes, EPB offers a competitive leasing program.

Are there any other products similar to the EXTREME Fire Station?

No, the EXTREME Fire Station design is patent protected.

What about the quality of finishes in the kitchens, training spaces, crew quarters, apparatus bays, etc.?”

Inside and out, expect your EXTREME Fire Station to have the same creature comforts that we’re all used to. From interior livability to the outdoor aesthetic, an EXTREME Fire Station offers very much the same quality of finishes as a conventional site-built facility (except it’s less expensive).

Can I use an EFS as a ladder truck bay?

Yes, an extended bay can be included in a new EFS or as an add on to an existing site built station.

What is the EFS “Lifetime Quality Guarantee”?

We commit to stand behind the quality of our product for its normal and expected lifetime.

Can I relocate my EFS?

Yes, the EFS structure is designed to accommodate multiple moves without any loss of structural integrity or functionality. EFS is often contracted to assist in relocations.

Is an EFS intended to be a temporary or permanent structure?

Yes and Yes. Some strategies use an EFS as a fill in station while site builts are being replaced or renovated. Others are located in new areas to accommodate rapid growth communities and evolve into permanent installations. Others still are employed as micro-stations to improve response times in underserved geographies.

Are EFS non-combustible, hurricane resistant & earthquake resistant?

The EFS structure is all non-combustible steel and aluminum. Sprinkler systems can also be installed. All structural connections are either bolted or welded to be hurricane resistant. The rigid steel frame also means it is earthquake resistant.

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