Until now the common solutions for micro – stations, temporary, replacement or transitional fire stations has included everything from stressed fabric buildings, to converted single family homes. Chiefs, firefighters, neighbors and administrators are looking for a better way. Most agree – the EXTREME Fire Station is the answer.


When you work with the EXTREME Fire Station team, your package includes full design services and documentation. Preliminary design & pricing is usually complete within a matter of weeks. After the procurement process, final design drawings, production, delivery and installation are usually complete within a year. Smaller projects in far less time than that.

Floor Plans

Every feature and option of a modern, industry grade fire station is available with an EXTREME Fire Station. Whether its fire suppression sprinklers, vehicle exhaust evacuation systems, state of the art kitchens, ergonomic bedrooms, or decon facilities, the EXTREME Fire Station team will customize a floor plan to your department’s specific needs.

Architectural Style

Fire Stations across the country come in a variety of architectural styles.

So do EXTREME Fire Stations.

EXTREME Fire Stations architectural services are available to help create an exterior look that fits your neighborhood.