Is an EXTREME Fire Station Right for Us?

The EXTREME Fire Station is becoming the go to alternative to conventionally built fire stations.

Chiefs and administrators tell us they love the flexibility that an EXTREME Fire Station option gives them from a coverage / response perspective and from a budget perspective.

We’re committed to bringing industry best practises to the design of every project.

How Much Do They Cost?

Most station planners feel it’s important to talk about price as early as possible in the process.

We agree.

One of the big advantages to an EFS is that you get a realistic budget cost at the time of preliminary design and a firm, installed price that you can take to the bank, when the design is complete.


The following examples are provided to assist you in visualizing your unique design and approximating costs.

Single Apparatus Bay with Kitchen & 2 Bedrooms

Single Apparatus Bay with 2 Story Crew Quarters

Single Apparatus Bay with Single Storey Crew Quarters

Triple Apparatus Bay with Single Storey Crew Quarters

Triple Apparatus Bay with Two Storey Crew Quarters

Request a Quote

Please tell us about your project. Consider space requirements – apparatus length and height, personnel requirements, additional features such as decontamination rooms, exhaust systems, living quarters, sprinklers etc. We’ll take it from there.